Mine Boggling Rocks Fun Facts


  • Fiber optics and PC chips are produced using silicon. Silicon’s base segment is sand.
  • Hourglasses and different gadgets using sand were checks in Ancient Egypt and in the Middle Ages. The British Navy utilized hourglasses as late as 1839 for inexact timekeeping. Standard hardware incorporated a hourglass, a half-hour glass, and an eight moment glass. Timing gadgets utilizing sand are still as a part of basic utilize today; they are utilized as egg times and as a part of prepackaged games.
  • In a few deserts, sand rises make puzzling music. Concentrates on demonstrate that sand grains in musical ridges are particularly smooth. As sand slides down the ridge, the movement makes low blasting sounds like the hints of drums and bass fiddles.
  • Sand on the shorelines of Florida’s Panhandle locale shines white since it is almost immaculate quartz.

Sand and GravelGravel

  • Rock stores found on shorelines or in waterways and streams, are generally quartz (silicon dioxide, SiO2) grains. Weathering of rocks, for example, stone structures these quartz grains. During the time spent weathering, the gentler, weaker minerals in stone, (for example, feldspar) are weathered away. The more safe quartz in the long run is ground down in size, however does not separate artificially. In time, these quartz grains collect in waterways, streams, deltas and on shorelines.


  • In 1876, Pennsylvania Avenue was one of the country’s first asphalt cleared streets.
  • In 1498, on his third voyage investigating the New World, Columbus wrote in the ship’s log about ceasing in Trinidad and utilizing their common asphalt hold to waterproof and caulk his boats.


  • The Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State required 17 million tons of total in its development.
  • The Denver International Airport outside of Denver, Colorado, required 5 million tons of total in its development.
  • There is sufficient cement in the Sears Tower, Chicago, IL to clear 8 one-mile paths of interstate thruway. The tower has 110 stories, sits on two city squares and rises one quarter mile (1,454 feet) over the ground.
  • The appearances on Mount-Rushmore and Stone-mountain’s Confederate Memorial are cut into rock.
  • Winged animals eat little bits of smashed stone to help them process the nourishment’s they eat.
  • In an underground coal mine, the dividers of the passages or shafts are white, not dark. They are generally secured with a white shake tidy, normally powdered limestone, which settles coal tidy.
  • Nature’s rust, Goethite, framed by weathering iron-bearing rocks, was looked for by Native Indians for face paint.
  • The antiquated Romans utilized pumice blended with lime as an establishing material.
  • The Egyptian pyramids were produced using limestone.
  • The primary instrument is accepted to have been the “stone apparatus” – a clench hand estimated shake with a sharp edge.
  • A few creatures utilize basic rocks to help them get at their sustenance. Otters utilize rocks to tear open mollusk shells. A few flying creatures fly over eggs, dropping stones to tear them open.
  • Australian native individuals utilized quartz as a part of a mysterious service to make rain fall. They broke precious stones of quartz into small bits that looked like raindrops, then poured showers of these “raindrops” more than each other in trusts this would trap genuine rain into falling.

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